dui attorney looks over client casesIf you’re facing a DUI charge, you’re probably wondering if you need an attorney to help you with the case. Many people opt not to hire a lawyer because they feel as though they can save money that way. Not hiring an attorney can end up costing a convicted person much more than lawyer fees. Therefore, you should always opt to hire an attorney. Here’s why:

1. You Could Go to Jail

One reason that seeking professional legal advice is a good idea is that you could go to jail if you do not hire a lawyer. A first-offense violation won’t necessarily land you in jail, but a subsequent offense will. Even if you only receive probation, you will still have to check in with an officer and live a squeaky-clean life or you may find yourself in trouble with the authorities again.

2. You Could Pay Heavy Fines

The fines and surcharges that you have to pay for a DUI offense may be well over the amount that you may have to pay to hire an attorney. If you truly want to save yourself money, you should spend what you have on a good DUI attorney.

3. You May Lose Your License

A DUI conviction qualifies you for an immediate license suspension of up to six months. You may be able to obtain a restricted license after some time, but you will lose money while you are waiting. You’ll need to pay taxis, buses, trains and other people to take you where you need to go. That can end up costing you thousands of dollars by the time you get to have a restricted license.

4. Your Job and Family May Suffer

Some employers terminate employees who pick up criminal charges while they are working for them. A job loss could cause your entire family to suffer immensely, and then you could suffer even more if you lose your home because of your inability to work. To compound that problem even more, you may have trouble getting a new job because of the criminal charge that you have against you. It will show up in a background check, and many employers will opt not to hire you. Taking care of your family will then become difficult for you.

5. You’ll Have to Take Special Classes

The state of California will require you to take alcohol classes before you can have your license back. Those classes could eat into your time and money. The list of losses will multiply if you get a DUI conviction. This is just an overview of what could happen.

As you can see, there are many reasons not to go through a DUI case alone. You can schedule a consultation with a trusted attorney and speak with him or her about it before you obligate yourself to pay any retainers. The DUI attorney can use a number of methods to keep you out of jail and keep your record clean. You have to take that first step and schedule an appointment, however. Then you can start the battle and protect yourself in this challenging situation.