Being properly compensated for injuries following an accident of any type can be a difficult and frustrating experience without solid legal counsel. Insurance companies in California are well-known within the legal industry for contesting cases based on frivolous defenses of enhanced injury statements and particular damage amounts. This is especially true when general damages for pain-and-suffering are being discussed, which is exactly why it is important to have an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney/lawyer in Redding like Mark Cibula representing your claim.

Dealing with the Insurance Provider

The first problem many injured victims face when attempting to handle their own personal injury claim is dealing with the insurance company. This can even be an issue when two parties to the accident or a property owner have the same insurance company. Big box insurance companies became what they are largely by denying or reducing claim values when claimants do not retain solid legal counsel. Injury cases are typically much more valuable than injured victims realize, and insurance claims adjusters regularly convince claimants that they do not need legal counsel while offering a considerably smaller settlement than is justified. Your personal injury attorney from Cibula Law in Redding can force insurance companies to provide specific coverage documentation and keep the providers honest in settling claims.

Potential Damages

Most injured victims realize they can be financially reimbursed for medical bills and associated expenses when filing claims, but many do not realize that general damages for pain-and-suffering is typically how claimants are made financially whole after the fact. And, insurance adjusters want to avoid general damages at all costs. This is the area of a claim where personal injury attorneys work hardest for their clients regardless of whether the injury stems from an auto accident or a premises liability issue. Both types of cases can include significant overstated claims of comparative negligence, which is the legal doctrine that the injured party has caused their own injury. Many novice injured parties do not realize that California uses pure comparative negligence law, which allows for those who are not totally at fault for their own injuries to collect some amount of financial compensation.

Understanding Pure Comparative Negligence

All personal injury cases hinge on fault, and all injury claim denials include some form of fault defense when no agreement can be reached in settling the case. While auto accident cases can be difficult for most injured drivers, passengers commonly do not have this problem with an injury claim. Premises liability claims are often different because legal occupation of the property is usually a central issue. Different rules apply based on the type of case, but the objective of the insurance provider or negligent parties are the same with respect to reduced damages. However, pure comparative negligence law in California holds that even those who are 99% at fault for their own injuries are entitled to 1% compensation. Only those who deliberately cause a personal injury are disqualified for damages, including long-term general damages for pain-and-suffering.

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Never attempt handling your own personal injury case in California. The laws can be complicated and details can matter significantly. Your case is typically much more valuable than you realize. Always call Mark Cibula at Cibula Law for aggressive personal representation from a private personal injury legal professional.