Driving under the influence is not a wrongdoing that is taken lightly no matter what state you’re in, and it warrants serious consequences in the eyes of the law for anyone who is caught. Though the laws concerning DUI cases are pretty strict, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all hope for your driving future is lost. There are several factors that will weigh in on the final outcome of your drunk driving violation, and oftentimes, having a Redding DUI attorney to represent you will make a big difference in the punishment that is handed down. Though finding yourself in this type of circumstance is sure to be costly already, here are a few reasons you may still find it valuable to invest in the experience of an attorney.

You Have no Idea What Steps to Take

If this is your first major traffic offense or you’ve never had any kind of run-in with the law before, this can be scary territory to face on your own. There’s a good chance you won’t even know where to begin when it comes to sorting through all the details associated with filling out paperwork, making appointments with the motor vehicle department, getting new insurance and scheduling court hearings. These tasks will go a lot smoother and faster if you have an attorney to walk you through the process. A situation that seemed completely overwhelming can suddenly become much more manageable.

You Could Use Their Plea Bargaining Skills

Even if an offender has a blood alcohol content test that shows they were driving above the legal limit, there may be a chance to plea bargain for a lesser charge. This usually occurs when sobriety tests come back inconclusive and there were no other troublesome behaviors to use as evidence against them. If these are the conditions in your case and you’ve decided not to plead guilty right away, you will most likely benefit from the plea bargaining skills of a Redding DUI attorney who will understand what needs to be done and said to get the charges reduced.

It’s Not Your First Offense

As law enforcement officials start to recognize you as a repeat offender, your penalties are certain to increase significantly. Whether you’ve been cited multiple times in the same state or a different one, you will need the help of an attorney if you want any chance of avoiding the harshest consequences possible.

It’s never in a defendant’s best interest to represent themselves in court unless they happen to have a legal background in the specific area they’re being charged in. Preparing for a DUI trial involves locating witnesses, filing motions to suppress evidence and to strike a prior and getting the alleged offender ready for their own testimony. There’s a good likelihood that handling all of this on your own without any previous trial experience won’t turn out in your favor.

There Are Aggravating Circumstances

There may also be aggravating circumstances in your case that could substantially alter the sentence you receive, including a collision that injured or killed another person, your age at the time of violation, property damages and endangering a child. If any of these scenarios relate to your infraction or if you are in a profession that requires you to have a driver’s license or clean record, the services of an attorney should be sought without hesitation.

Many people mistakenly don’t think to hire an attorney for drunk driving citations, but it’s a right that may really come in handy. There are numerous Redding DUI attorneys who offer free consultations, so even if you just wish to receive an expert assessment of your case, it’s never a bad idea to schedule an appointment.