No one expects to be injured due to the negligence of others. We want to believe that everyone follows the rules and respects the rights of neighbors, coworkers, and business customers. However, sometimes things happen that lead to injury, suffering, or possibly loss of health or bodily function due to someone not doing the right thing.
woman calls personal injury attorney
When that happens, you may need the services of a personal injury attorney & lawyer in order to receive compensation from those responsible. Here are a few possible scenarios explaining when you may need legal advice due to a serious injury.

1. Product Liability.

If you buy a product and believe it to be reliable and safe, you don’t expect problems to develop. Yet, a seemingly trustworthy tire brand inexplicably blows out on the highway, causing a serious accident that sends you to the hospital for days.

Following hospitalization, you have to go to physical therapy for several months as well as personal counseling to help manage your resulting depression and mounting financial bills since you are only working part-time since the accident.

If the tire manufacturer produced a faulty tire, the law may determine that the manufacturer must be responsible for your medical expenses and losses.

2. Auto Accidents

To use another vehicle-related example since auto accidents are fairly common, a driver who becomes distracted while texting on his phone and runs a red light – hitting your car – could be deemed guilty if the case goes to court with supporting evidence.

Anyone who causes a car crash due to negligence, carelessness, or violating traffic laws may be penalized.

A personal injury attorney & lawyer can advise you on this type of situation, including the information needed to file a claim.

3. Business Carelessness

A company that offers services to the public but fails to follow the laws pertaining to the business may cause someone to get hurt.

For example, a shop that neglects to put down a doormat by the entrance so people can wipe snow and rain off their shoes may be proven negligent if a customer falls and gets hurt because of having no mat.

A personal injury attorney will examine the facts and advise you on the pros and cons of a possible lawsuit.

4. Public Negligence

A public entity may be a government office or a civic organization that is obligated to uphold community standards of health and safety.

If someone working for the county sprays pesticide to kill mosquitoes as part of the regular job duties, but fails to administer the spray as prescribed and causes injury to children on a playground who were not warned to stay away from sprayed areas, the employee may be guilty of endangering the public.

An attorney will review factors like the job description, the employee’s performance and background, the agency’s record in following legal guidelines, and similar criteria to see if a child’s family can sue the company for negligence.

Sometimes an organization or its representative makes a careless error that causes someone to be injured. A personal injury attorney can advise you of the relevant laws and your rights.