Accident Attorney Meeting With ClientNorthern California is a vibrant region with a much different living aspect from the southern part of the state. While the dynamics of life in the NorCal area are different, the frequency and severity in which accidents and injuries occur is not. Injuries occur in the north as well as the south, and many times of year claims actually spike for a variety of reasons. Inclement weather can bring an uptick in both premises liability and highway accident injury claims, and knowing the right law firm to call for prompt attention and equitable benefits is important to anyone in the region. Even injuries resulting from environmental catastrophe can be common in the NorCal region, and having an experienced legal representative can make a major difference in the final outcome of your claim.

Proving an Injury Claim

Proving the validity and severity of an injury claim can be difficult. Auto accidents will typically have an associated accident report explaining the particulars of the investigation, but this is not necessarily the final opinion in what an accident case may entail. Many insurance companies in an auto accident case will attempt to deny a claim based on a variety of defenses even in a pure comparative negligence state like California. The same is true for premises liability claims. An experienced NorCal personal injury attorney will know what to expect as a defense, and they can prepare a case for maximum financial damages countering those claims by proving the injury using supporting documentation and material case particulars.

General Damages

General damages are always the most contested element of any injury claim. Compensatory economic damages are those submitted in exact dollar amounts and supported by documentation. General damages for pain-and-suffering connected to ongoing medical issues are the claims most insurance companies want to avoid or reduce, and it always takes an experienced claim negotiator to arrive at an equitable amount. Insurance companies often want to avoid this component of a claim completely, but an aggressive accident attorney knows this part of the settlement is where the client is typically made whole financially after the fact.

Punitive Damages

Compensatory damages are not the only available financial remedies in accident cases. Punitive damages can be possible in serious cases of gross negligence and severe injury. Punitive damages can only be awarded when a case goes to trial and an experienced trial attorney can prove to a jury that the injury case is egregious enough to warrant extended damages as a form of punishment for the defendant. These cases can include injury cases involving a drunk driver or even a truck driver where the shipping company could have vicarious liability for contributing to accident causation. Facts matter when a claim is taken to court, and it always takes comprehensive representation.

Contact a Norcal Accident Lawyer

California residents should never attempt handling their own accident injury case because it could be much more valuable than realized. There are many factors that can impact financial compensation, and the case could easily wind up in court. Having the right attorney handling your case matters significantly, and it can be the difference in being properly compensated or settling for an amount well below the actual claim value.