wooden GavelThe law can be a confusing thing and that goes doubly so for tort law. However, there are experts that you can use to help navigate through the maze and get the compensation that you rightfully deserve. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand just how much a skilled accident attorney can help you out, thus they are unprepared and unable to get the most out of their unfortunate circumstances. Here are just a few of the ways that a skilled accident attorney in Redding, CA can be of service to you.


First and foremost, you have lawsuits. Filing a lawsuit against someone who wronged you is difficult and you will almost certainly need a lawyer. However, the true value of a lawyer extends far beyond putting the proper paperwork in order.

For example, consulting a lawyer at your earliest convenience can help you plan out exactly what you need to do. Without the expertise of a lawyer, you might not collect the necessary documentation or approach the case in the proper way. You may have a warped view of what sort of claim you have and what sort of damage you should be pursuing.

Getting Compensation

Even if you do have a bulletproof case in hand, you still need to have an idea of what sorts of damages you are entitled to. One of the biggest problems with the categories of damages is that they may seem intuitive, but they often aren’t. You need expert advice on exactly which you qualify for and which you don’t, plus how much you can reasonably expect to win.

In many cases, this comes down to clients not fully understanding all the different categories available to them. Some people don’t know that they can press for loss of consortium, which is a somewhat unintuitive and subjective examination of how a wrongful death deprived the surviving family members of love and comfort.

In other cases, claimants may dramatically underestimate how much they need to cover damages. They may feel a sense of not wanting to be a burden or not wanting to ask for more than they believe they deserve, but if they incorrectly judge how their loss of income, medical bills, and reduced quality of life will be affected, then they could be left with substantial bills and no way to pay them.

Insurance Claims

Lastly, accident attorneys can be very helpful when it comes to pressing insurance claims. An insurance company knows exactly what legal rights it has and may push those to the limits as it aggressively insists that you only deserve a lesser amount of money. If you want to counteract those claims and get what you deserve, then you may need the guidance of a lawyer that knows the law just as well as the insurance company. You may get lucky and secure sufficient compensation on your own, but what looks like a good amount can actually be a lot less than you really deserve.

The Bottom Line

If you’re pursuing a personal injury claim, then you have a lot to gain from consulting and hiring an accident attorney in Northern California.