Accidents can happen any time, any place, and sadly, some of them result in pretty serious injuries. Whether you were involved in a car crash, experienced a slip and fall, encountered a dog attack, became a victim of medical malpractice, etc., you could be entitled to a large settlement covering your medical bills, emotional distress, lost wages and other variables.

Though not all incidents will require legal counsel, there are certain circumstances in which the guidance of a personal injury lawyer in Redding will be invaluable. Because, unfortunately, suffering bodily harm at the hands of someone else’s negligence doesn’t always mean you’ll be compensated fairly. If you’re unsure whether or not your situation calls for the assistance of an experienced attorney, consider if you fall into any of the following guidelines.

Your Injuries Are Severe and Potentially Long-Lasting

If your accident resulted in serious injuries, it’s inevitable that you will require a considerable amount of remedial care, which will then turn into hefty medical expenses. People that are facing high healthcare bills will want to consult with a personal injury lawyer to ensure they are not left having to pay any significant amount on their own. There can also be long-term effects of an injury that demand treatment well into the future and/or permanently change a person’s quality of life, which should be taken into consideration when determining a restitution amount.
Even something like a slip and fall is no minor incident; they can often cause serious and permanent injuries.

There is Controversy Regarding Who is At Fault

You may know with absolute certainty that you sustained injuries through no fault of your own, and yet the other party or insurance company is disputing this fact. Going back and forth trying to prove your case is a good reason to have a personal injury lawyer on your side. They will put together all the evidence validating your claim and manage all communication with the disagreeing party, taking the burden off your shoulders.

You Feel Pressured to Settle

Many claims adjusters will want to settle quickly, which can mean pressuring the injured party into an agreement that may not be reasonable enough to cover the extent of the circumstances. Fast-talking insurance specialists can make a stressful situation even more confusing and cause a rash decision to be made. Having an objective personal injury lawyer look at all sides of the case will help you make a decision that serves your best interest instead of taking a quick payout.

You Don’t Agree With the Settlement Offer

Along with trying to obtain a speedy resolution, claims adjusters may try to settle for as little as possible. If you find that you’re at a stalemate with the settlement offer that has been presented to you, a personal injury lawyer can help. This may be the point where the next step is to present your case in court, and you will definitely want the knowledge of an attorney to handle the legal proceedings. There are many legal deadlines, which, if you do not meet, will cause loss of your rights.

Obtaining the assistance of an attorney can be beneficial to anyone who has suffered severe injuries due to negligence. If you find yourself in any of the situations above, contact a Redding personal injury lawyer at once.