Legal Defense for Traffic Offenses & Tickets

Need a Strong Representative?

A lifelong good driving record will not shelter you from the harsh outcomes one major traffic offense or ticket pileup can cause. When your driving record and driver's license are at stake, you need a strong advocate to represent you in court and negotiate payment terms or privilege restorations on your behalf. Fines and penalties, points on your driving record, a suspended or revoked license, high insurance rates and even lost wages are just a few costly setbacks you can not afford to accept without a fight.

Our fearless team of attorneys at the Law Office of Mark H. Cibula has the courtroom experience and legal knowledge to protect your rights to drive. We work tirelessly to win fair settlements so our traffic offenses and ticket clients can stay on the roads. Our clients receive our understanding and individualized approach for each case, not the cookie-cutter assembly line treatment of defendants in traffic court.

You still have rights even when you err into a major traffic violation or traffic ticket nonpayments. You may be entitled to traffic school, adjusted payment plans and even clearances on your driving record after negotiation or time. We are especially adept at counseling you through the appropriate options and processes to restore lost driving privileges.

Traffic Violation Defense Attorney in Redding, CA

When you try to navigate court proceedings alone or settle tickets without representation, you lose an experienced advocate with knowledge of the statutes and precedents you could benefit from. Our established firm will help you prepare paperwork within time-sensitive filing deadlines and secure lawful extensions so you avoid payment agreement defaults. We can build your case within your rights to present evidence, challenge the officer's version of events and demonstrate you made an honest error for a judge.

We know how important good driving records and licenses are for our clients' jobs, families and freedom. Imagine your life without draining court appearances, tickets you can not pay and stress from lost driving privileges. Then contact the Law Office of Mark H. Cibula for superior help to achieve successful outcomes within your legal rights and options you may not know you have.

“Anyone who has been charged or arrested in connection with a traffic violation case still has rights that need to be protected.”