With fees and fines totaling close to $10,000 and the potential to be sentenced to a prison term, a DUI can derail someone’s life for many years. As adults, many people will go out and have a drink or two with dinner or perhaps they are attending a social function. Either way, there are several tricks drivers can use to avoid any chance of being arrested for driving under the influence.
sober driver and young adults avoid dui

1. Do Not Drink Alcohol

Plain and simple: the absolute best way to not be caught driving drunk is to not drink alcohol at all. No matter the occasion, it can be argued that keeping a clear head is preferable to being stopped by law enforcement, causing a collision, or possibly killing someone. Not only that, you will be sure that you, your friends, and your loved ones will make it to your next destination as safely as you are able.

2. Know Your True Limit

In California, the blood alcohol content limit (BAC) for drivers is .08 percent. However, that is actually a pretty abstract idea. The state has tried to narrow down the average amounts of beer, wine, and liquor which a resident can consume before reaching the BAC limit. The problem is, a 100-pound female can’t drink nearly as much as a 250-pound man so she will be much more affected than he after drinking the same amount of alcohol.

3. Support a Sober Driver

If you and your friends are looking for a night out, the best way for all of you to avoid arrest and the need for a DUI attorney is to designate a sober driver. Some groups will rotate who will do this for them while others have that one friend who doesn’t like to drink anyway. In addition to choosing your sober driver, he or she must be supported in their decision to not consume alcohol. A designated driver should never be pressured, teased, or coerced into drinking.

4. Call a Car Service

The first documented cab service was in London in 1605 and cars for hire have been in use ever since. From horse-drawn carriages to limousines, every type of vehicle has been employed for this purpose. These days, services like Uber and Lyft make calling a car as easy as unlocking your smartphone. If you decide to drink, you must make it home safe and DUI-free and this modern idea of the taxicab was innovated for just this purpose. Some party-goers will even use these services to get to the social function in the first place.

5. Get a Tow

On the other hand, if you are any fair distance from home, you probably don’t want to leave your vehicle at the venue overnight. The potential for theft or vandalism is higher in the wee hours of the morning. You would also have to get back to your vehicle and retrieve it the next day. If you find yourself too drunk to drive and decide that leaving your car isn’t an option, just call a tow truck. You will pay for this service and the cost is going to depend on the distance, but at least everyone involved will be kept safe.

Even if your intent is to avoid drinking or you have a sober driver, it’s still a good idea to remember what other options are available to get you and your friends home safely. Circumstances can change in an instant and you must be prepared for any likelihood that could arise while you’re out having a good time.