Gavel, Handcuffs and Book


Anyone charged with any type of criminal offense in Mt. Shasta California needs to consult with an attorney that handles criminal defense. This applies to any charge pending in any criminal court located in Shasta, Tehama & Trinity County. It is impossible to overemphasize how important a criminal defense attorney can be to your case. 

You should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after being served with papers by local law enforcement. In fact, if you know or suspect you may be charged with a crime, call and schedule an appointment with a criminal defense lawyer before you are served. It is never too soon to begin the process of preparing a defense to criminal charges.

One of the first pieces of advice the lawyer will give you is to not talk or speak with anyone about your case. Only a criminal defense lawyer will know what is helpful or what is harmful. Do not say anything until you have seen your defense counsel. Do not carry on a conversation with any officer serving you with papers. Just answer the questions asked in as few words as possible. If any of the questions relate to the crime charged, just say you need to speak with your criminal defense lawyer.

A criminal defense attorney in Mt. Shasta California will be familiar with the prosecutors, judges, and the court system in general. They know how the criminal justice system functions. When they walk into the courtroom they know what is going on. Nothing is a mystery to them. For you as a client, it may seem like a strange and disorganized place. That is why you need someone who is on your side.

Just remember that in a criminal case, whether a simple misdemeanor or a serious felony, your criminal defense lawyer is looking out for your best interests. They will be your friend in the courtroom and do their best to fight your case to the best of their knowledge.

No criminal charge is too small or too unimportant for a person to represent themselves. There is so much law and procedure that a lawyer will understand. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer guarantees the best outcome for your case. A person can make a mistake by representing themselves and not even know it. Do not take a chance. Hire a criminal defense lawyer and let them worry about your case.

Do not rely on your friends or co-workers for legal advice. Even if they have been in criminal court recently, their experience may be far different than yours. There is only one person who you should seek advice from relating to your criminal case. That is a criminal defense attorney. You need a local attorney who knows what to do.

Take action now. Hire a Mt. Shasta criminal defense attorney and let them handle your case. You will be glad you turned your legal problems over to them.