drinking and driving - DUINobody is driving with the intention of being charged with DUI. Unfortunately, people do get charged with DUI. Depending on the situation, it could be a very serious criminal charge. A person could be facing significant punishment. This is not a time for someone with no legal experience or background to try and deal with the legal system and their DUI charge. An innocent mistake could result in experiencing serious consequences. Trying to get the best possible results will require utilizing the services of a knowledgeable DUI lawyer.


A skilled DUI attorney has valuable experience. They will know what specific laws will be applied to a person’s specific situation. DUI attorneys know the local prosecutors and all the options available in a specific jurisdiction. This knowledge puts a DUI attorney in the best possible position to represent their client. They will know when it is possible to have a DUI charge reduced. In some cases, they may even have the entire DUI charge dismissed.

Current Knowledge

An experienced attorney will know the most current legal requirements for sobriety checkpoints, blood draws, breath tests as well as field sobriety tests and more. Many states have started to get tough on DUI offenders. They have passed legislation that provides harsher sentencing and stronger penalties. This has often resulted in more convictions. There are always new laws. Many states now have mandatory incarcerations as well as longer driver’s license suspensions and more. Hiring a DUI attorney could minimize the impact of a DUI charge and conviction has on a person’s life.

License Suspension Hearing

A person may have their license suspended as a result of a DUI charge. In most states, it is possible to challenge a driver’s license suspension. This is often done during a department of motor vehicles suspension hearing. All the most successful legal defenses will be known by a DUI attorney. They will also know what should be avoided and things their client should not say. Experienced DUI attorneys will know the most persuasive and effective way to present their client’s case during the suspension hearing.

Reduced Sentence Options

Experienced DUI attorneys know about all of the local options available to their clients for a reduced sentence. Certain places that have specialized DUI programs. If someone completes a DUI diversion program, they may qualify for a dismissal or a reduced sentence. This may also be the case if someone completes an alcohol or drug counseling program.


An experienced DUI attorney will work hard to try and negotiate the best possible deal with the acting prosecutor to avoid a trial. This does not always happen, A DUI case will then be decided in a court of law. An experienced DUI attorney will know the best way to present evidence to the court on behalf of their client. They have experience when it comes to refuting government witness testimonies as well as a prosecutor’s evidence, allegations and more.

An experienced DUI attorney will know the most current scientific principles utilized by law enforcement. They will know all the latest trends occurring in DUI law. When facing a DUI charge, it is best to have someone on your side who knows how to properly handle a DUI case. This is why it is always important to contact a DUI attorney.