Having criminal charges brought against you can get very serious, very fast despite your claims of innocence. The legal process isn’t something you should risk taking on by yourself, especially without any kind of background in criminal law. Not to mention, it can be quite scary to face police officers, prosecuting attorneys and judges all on your own, and this is often when those charged with a crime begin to unwittingly make vital mistakes in their defense. The best course of action is to seek out a Redding criminal lawyer immediately. Below are some tips to keep in mind to make sure you hire just the right one.

Area of Expertise

Not all law degrees and areas of practice are the same. When looking for a lawyer, it’s essential that you limit your options to candidates that are experts specifically in the field of criminal law that you’re dealing with. Criminal charges mean that a defendant is more than likely going to be given life-changing consequences if found guilty. With that being the case, you wouldn’t necessarily want a bankruptcy or divorce lawyer who really doesn’t know anything about criminal law handling your defense since the stakes are so high.

Courtroom/Trial Experience and Track Record

Along the same lines as the advice above, you also want a criminal lawyer who knows how to operate with confidence in a courtroom and trial setting. Being able to present solid evidence and reasonable doubt in front of a judge, jury and prosecutor is critical to a defense, and this invaluable experience shouldn’t be overlooked. Regardless if you decide to agree to a plea bargain, a successful track record in court will show you’re able to have faith in your lawyer.


While a lawyer with a lot of time on his hands might not be a good sign, neither is one with too much on their plate. The key is to find a lawyer with a balanced workload so you know they have other clients that trust them, but they aren’t so busy that they’re going to let your case fall through the cracks or pass it off to someone else in the office. Don’t be afraid to ask how much time they anticipate being able to work with you themselves and how much they’ll need to source out to an associate. You can’t expect to be the only focus that a good criminal lawyer has, but you should expect to have effective communication throughout your case and to have your phone calls and emails returned in a timely manner.

Policy on Openness and Honesty

In situations as sensitive as this, there’s a good chance your lawyer will be your greatest confidant and advocate. That’s why you want to ensure that you hire someone whom you feel totally comfortable with and can rely on to be completely honest with you about the circumstances of your ordeal. Too often, lawyers think it’s better to sugarcoat things for their client and not let on how serious the scenario really is.

All of these factors are helpful in determining which Redding criminal lawyer will be the best fit for your particular case.