Handcuffs on a criminalBeing arrested is a terrifying experience. It can make you feel lonely, hopeless, and completely isolated. You may also feel as though you have done something wrong even if you haven’t. An arrest does not amount to a conviction, and you should keep in mind that you have a Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. You should say nothing. It is the only way to avoid inadvertently incriminating yourself.

Why You Need a Lawyer

The first thing you should do after an arrest is to call a criminal lawyer. The law enforcement officials who arrested you may suggest that cooperating with their investigation is the best way to regain your freedom. In some situationsit is best to wait for a lawyer before saying anything. 

Once your lawyer arrives, they will advise you on how to answer the questions asked by the police. If you do not feel up to answering questions, your lawyer can speak for you. The attorney you retain should specialize in criminal law. They should also have experience in dealing with criminal cases in Redding, California. This will give them insight into the local police and prosecutorial departments.

Your lawyer will look at the evidence the police claim they have against you. Law enforcement often exaggerates the evidence they have against people they have arrested. If your lawyer sees that police have nothing that links you to the crime you have been accused of committing, they will secure your release. If the authorities have hard evidence against you and intend to charge you with a crime, your lawyer can start developing your defense.

Making the Right Choices

Even if you have not done the crime you are accused of, you must take the charge against you seriously. Once prosecutors believe they have the person who committed the crime, they will stop at nothing to get a conviction. They may offer you a plea deal with only circumstantial evidence of your guilt. No one really knows which way a jury will go when presented with such evidence, and they are counting on your fear and uncertainty to secure a conviction without a fight.

Do not allow the forcefulness and intimidation of prosecutors to frighten you into a decision. You should let your criminal defense lawyer do their job.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

If you are not guilty, then the prosecution’s case will have weaknesses that will be discerned and pointed out by your lawyer. One of the first thing your lawyer will do is hire a private investigator to examine the circumstances and specifics of the case. Such an investigator will re-interview witnesses, including those that never spoke to the police. Indeed, some people will not speak to law enforcement officials but may have no problem speaking to a civilian investigator. By speaking to such witnesses, your legal team may unearth new evidence that works in your favor.

Your lawyer will also employ their own forensic experts. These professionals will give the evidence gathered against you a fresh look. They may find something that casts doubt on the conclusions of the city’s crime lab.