norcal accident attorney/lawyerPeople in Northern California do not intentionally have accidents. Unfortunately, they do happen. An accident can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. When this happens, an accident victim may not know what to do to get their life back to normal. This is when a NorCal accident attorney/lawyers can help.


One of the first things to happen after an accident is a NorCal accident attorney/lawyers will conduct an investigation. They will spend a significant amount of time looking at physical evidence, reading witness statements, looking at photos, reading official reports, and more. This is done to determine how the accident occurred and discover who was at fault.

Settlement Or Lawsuit

Once a NorCal’s client has sufficiently recovered from their injuries, these attorneys will then carefully examine a client’s medical documents, employment reports, bills, and more. Based on this information, they will make a settlement offer for fair compensation to the insurance company on behalf of their client. An insurance company will then review the settlement offer and respond to it. A NorCal accident attorney/lawyers will then discuss the insurance’ company’s response with their client. If the offer provides fair compensation, the case will be closed. Should it not be sufficient, a NorCal accident attorney/lawyers may then file a lawsuit on behalf of their client. The designated defendant will be required to respond to it within 30 days. There will then be a period of legal discovery. This is when the court will carefully examine all evidence presented. Including eyewitness testimony, physical evidence, and more. The date for the trial will be determined.

Proving Injury Claim

Proving a client’s injury claim can be a challenge. A NorCal accident attorney/lawyers understands the best way to handle this situation. It is common for an insurance company to try and deny a claim based on many different legal defenses. A NorCal accident attorney/lawyer’s experience makes it possible for them to anticipate an insurance company’s actions. They know how to prepare a case to obtain the best possible financial compensation for a client’s damages. They will know how to use supporting materials and documentation to prove a client’s injuries.

General Damages

These are often the most contested part of an injury claim. Compensatory economic damages are claimed in exact dollar amounts and proven with specific documentation. General damages involve pain-and-suffering, loss of consortium, and more. They are usually challenged by insurance companies. It is common for an insurance company to try and eliminate this portion of an accident claim. A NorCal accident attorney/lawyers knows this is where their client can be made financially whole.

Punitive Damages

When someone is involved in an accident, and the defendant’s action was determined to have been gross negligence, an accident victim may be awarded punitive damages. This type of compensation can only be awarded when a case goes to trial. A NorCal accident attorney/lawyers will know how to prove a defendant’s actions were so egregious, they deserve to be financially punished for them. This can happen when a case involves shipping companies, drunk drivers, truck drivers, and more.

NorCal accident attorney/lawyers from Cibula Law are known for being objective. They have compassion toward clients but focus on the facts of a client’s case. These knowledgeable legal experts know the law and how to help their clients navigate the legal maze toward fair compensation. They are skilled negotiators and understand how an insurance company works and its goals. Cibula Law attorneys know what is necessary to get the best possible settlement for their client.