The Importance of a Personal Injury Attorney in Redding CA

A day might come when you experience an injury due to someone else’s neglect. You must contact a reliable personal injury attorney the moment you receive your injuries and a clear diagnosis and treatment plan. These are some of the reasons it is important to have such a specialist hear your case:

You Might Be Eligible for a Settlement

The most important reason to talk to a personal injury lawyer in Redding, CA, is that you might be entitled to a settlement. You could receive money from the at-fault party to pay for your medical bills, lost work wages, medical treatment and so forth. You can also get the funds you need to cover your rent, car payments and other bills that might be falling behind while you’re recovering. Neglect is the key factor in a personal injury case, and the other party in your accident might have been neglectful in his or her actions. You can talk to an attorney about a dog bite, car accident, slip-and-fall case, workplace injury or something else. Numerous injuries can qualify as personal injuries if neglect plays a role in the victim’s injuries.

You May Be Eligible for Two Types of Compensation

An attorney could help you get a second type of compensation if the other party’s actions were severely neglectful. The other type of compensation is called punitive damages. Judges award punitive damages to plaintiffs who qualify for the initial compensatory damages. They are supposed to help the victim deal with pain and suffering and deter the other party from being neglectful in the future.

An Attorney Can Establish fault

An attorney can look at the events leading up to your accident and determine if someone else was at fault. If the answer is yes, then he or she can proceed to have a judge rule on the outcome. Someone may owe you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the injuries you experienced due to their neglect. Therefore, the meeting with the personal injury lawyer is not something you will want to miss.

You Deserve to Live Your Life Without Stress

Finally, you deserve to live your life without stress. You deserve to recover from your injuries without having to worry about bill money and stockpiling hospital bills. You should be able to relax and go through life calmly. An attorney can make sure that you get to recover like that. Why not take the time to make a quick phone call and have a chat with one?

Contact Mark Cibula for Help

Mark Cibula is a reliable and respectable personal injury attorney in Redding, CA. He specializes in getting people the compensation they deserve in a variety of personal injury scenarios. You can schedule a consultation and feel 100 percent confident in his award-winning services. The level of compassion he has for his clients is unmatched in the greater Redding area and beyond. Don’t ignore the pain and inconvenience you’ve experienced from the accident you suffered. Talk to a specialist who can help you improve your quality of life today. Call by telephone or complete a short form to request an initial meeting.