Seeking The Best DUI Attorney/Lawyer in Redding, CABeing stopped, charged, and arrested for DUI is a frightening and harrowing experience. You may be unsure of what to do at the moment. But the one thing you must keep in mind is that an arrest is not the same as a conviction. The state must still prove its case against you, and you should do nothing that will help them.

If you have been taken into custody for DUI, you should exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. No matter what the police say they have on you, it is still possible to fight the charge. Your best chance to have the charges dismissed or receive a less severe sentence is to call a DUI attorney. When your lawyer arrives, they will advise you on how to answer any questions put to you. They will also review the case against you and determine whether the authorities have enough to hold you.

Your future after a DUI arrest depends largely on the skill, competence, and insight of the DUI attorney/lawyer in Redding, CA who represents you. In seeking the best DUI attorney, here are some of the qualities you should look for:

1. Experience in Handling DUI Cases

The person who represents you should have complete mastery of the DUI laws of California, which also prescribe the legal basis of a DUI stop and search. The police do not have the right to carry out DUI stops and arrests in any old way. They must adhere to strict procedures. An experienced DUI attorney will know what these are and will know if the officer who pulled you over and arrested you violated them.

2. Member of the Bar in Good Standing

Your attorney should be licensed to practice in the state of California. You cannot take this for granted. Too many legally-trained people have been found practicing without a law license. Retaining the services of such a cowboy lawyer will only compromise your defense. If you think you have found the right lawyer, you should contact the local or state Bar association and find out if they are a member of it.

Your DUI lawyer should also be in good standing with the Bar. They should have a clean record and no history of fines or disciplinary problems.

3. Well-Resourced

Innocent people are arrested and charged with DUI all the time. Even the most advanced breathalyzers malfunction or go uncalibrated. Blood tests can also show false results. The lawyer you hire must have science and technology experts who can examine the devices and tests used to declare you above the legal limit.

Your lawyer must also have first-rate private investigators working for them, as your lawyer may be prompted to look into the record and past of the officer who arrested you.

4. Good Relations with Prosecutors

You want to choose a DUI attorney with deep roots in the community, which includes connections with law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office. If you are unable to get the case dismissed, then you may need to work out a plea agreement with the prosecutor. A lawyer who knows and has good relations with the latter can help minimize the severity of the sentence.

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