Due to the nature of traffic stops, any driver with the slightest hint of alcohol on their breath may be subjected to charges of driving under the influence (DUI) if they are pulled over by law enforcement.
DUI Lawyer Reviews Case with Client
Despite how mightily a driver may believe in his innocence in these instances, trying to represent himself against a DUI charge could prove detrimental to his cases. If you find yourself under suspicion of drunk driving during a traffic stop, there are several reasons you should remain silent and call an attorney right away.

1. A DUI attorney will protect your rights.

Any statement made to law enforcement officers before, during, or after a driving under the influence (DUI) arrest can be used against you in court. It doesn’t matter if these statements are in regards to your mental or physical condition. By remaining silent until you can contact a DUI lawyer, you are protecting yourself from saying something that may be detrimental to your case further down the road.

2. Lawyers have network connections.

Attorneys, especially those who practice in small jurisdictions, often know each other and court officials quite well. These professional relationships often allow lawyers the opportunity to assess the local climate in regards to criminal law charges such as yours. It may be that another attorney has tried a case similar to yours and have some insight into how a particular judge or the local jury pool may view the facts.

3. They possess insider knowledge.

In addition to having contact with other private law professionals in your area, DUI lawyers often have amicable relationships with the district attorneys, court clerks, and judges as well. Connections such as these make it possible for your attorney to thoroughly examine your case, see to the reduction, or even a full dismissal, of the charges against you, especially if it’s your first offense.

4. He can determine the validity of tests.

The tests used by law enforcement officers do not always result in factual data. For this reason, your attorney may advise you to refuse the use of a breathalyzer at the scene. If you choose to take the test, he or she will have your blood alcohol content (BAC) results examined to determine their validity. Likewise, your attorney will be well-experienced in evaluating the conduct of officers during your field sobriety testing.

5. They will consider other factors.

For those who refuse the use of a breathalyzer at the time of their initial stop, a proven phenomenon known as a “rising BAC” may occur and return results that indicate you were too intoxicated to be driving. Lawyers know how to examine blood test results to determine if clients were truly above the legal limit at the time of arrest or if they were simply the victim of a rising BAC. He will also be well-aware of medical conditions and special diets that are known to skew BAC results.

Being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol doesn’t need to result in your conviction. Contacting a DUI lawyer as soon as possible is your best bet in defending the charges that have been lobbied against you. With their help, clients often benefit from a reduction, or the dismissal, of the DUI charges altogether.